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Troubleshooting program connectivity issues through Firewall
If you can't use a program or service after you install Windows Live OneCare, or if the program stops working as expected, Firewall may be blocking the program or some of its components. To troubleshoot the problem, follow the steps below for the symptom you see.
  Symptom: I clicked Allow in future in the Windows Live OneCare Firewall Alert dialog box, but the program still doesn't work.
  Symptom: I installed Windows Live OneCare, and now my program doesn't work, or it doesn't work as expected.
 Symptom: I installed Windows Live OneCare, and now my Web browser can't connect to the Internet. Other programs that require Internet or network access are blocked, or don't work as expected.
 Symptom: Windows Live OneCare status is At risk and you cannot start Windows Live OneCare Firewall.
 Symptom: You cannot share folders or printers with other computers.
 Symptom: Other computers cannot connect to your computer using Remote Desktop.
 Symptom: Your computer cannot connect to other computers using Remote Desktop.
 Symptom: All your programs are blocked by the Windows Live OneCare Firewall, and you are not prompted to unblock them by Windows Live OneCare.


Some programs require that you open a specific port or range of ports so that the program can send and receive information through Firewall. If this is the case, it will usually be noted in your program documentation. For more information about ports and how to open them, see Related Topics.

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