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How does Tune-up decide which files to delete?

With an operating system as complex as Windows, you might not always know what all of the files on your computer are for. Sometimes Windows uses files for a specific purpose and then retains them in a folder designated for temporary files. Alternatively, you may have some previously installed Windows components that you are no longer using but which remain on your hard disk.

Windows Live OneCare Tune-up features a Remove unnecessary files from your computer task that can locate and delete these unneeded files. Because this task involves deleting files from your computer, this task is turned off when you first install Windows Live OneCare. Turning on this task can help reduce the number of files on your disk, create more free space, and help improve the performance of your computer.

By default, Tune-up removes the following types of files when this task is turned on:

  • Unnecessary program installation files, ActiveX controls and Java applets downloaded from the Internet
  • Windows temporary files
  • Temporary Internet files
  • Microsoft Error Reporting temporary files
  • Microsoft Office temporary files
  • Temporary offline files


To turn on the Remove unnecessary files from your computer task or to configure the types of files that Tune-up deletes, see Related Topics.

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