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Try Windows Live OneCare: The always-on security and performance service for your PC

Windows Live OneCare provides a simple way to take care of your PCs and devices. Use a single OneCare subscription to protect your computers (up to three) from threats, manage network tasks, optimize PC performance with tune-ups, and backup files to a single location.

Your OneCare service comes with:

Security and Antivirus Protection
  • Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, and Online Identity Theft protection
  • Two-way managed firewall protects against hackers when sending/receiving data over Internet
  • Scans and cleans attachments, downloads, and other files
  • Microsoft Update integration to automatically counteract new threats
  • Protects PC from pop-ups, unwanted programs, and security breaches
Pereformance Tune-ups
  • Cuts PC boot time by highlighting and removing rarely used applications from startup
  • Helps PC performance with scheduled janitorial tasks – disk cleaning and defrag
Central Data Backup (25 GB of free space needed)
  • Use one backup device for up to three computers
  • Backups made automatically
  • Backup to an external hard disk drive (USB/Firewire)
  • Backup to a network share on another computer
File and Photo Backup
Windows Live OneCare Backup saves a wide variety of files in easy to understand categories:
  • External hard drive
  • Network share on another computer
  • Photos
  • Music
  • DVD
  • On-network mobile devices
Home Network Management
  • Install OneCare on your home network and protect up to three PCs with a single subscription
  • Enable multi-PC management within the OneCare circle of protection
  • With one click, in one place, see the status of all the PCs covered in your home network
  • From one place, take necessary actions for all computers covered on the home network
  • Connect printers to your local or home network
  • Configure wireless network to be more secure using wi-fi connection for approved U.S. routers
Automatic Updates
  • Automatic virus upates are included with your OneCare subscription
  • Automatic version upgrades are included with your OneCare subscription
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