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Windows Live OneCare Protection Plus

Protection Plus in Windows Live OneCare automatically performs the tasks necessary to help secure and optimize your PCs and home network.

Integrated antivirus and antispyware protection helps keep your PC clean

With real-time, unified antivirus and antispyware protection to keep your PC safe from malware, Windows Live OneCare helps prevent viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other malicious software from infecting your machine. It scans and cleans attachments, downloads, and other files in real time and updates automatically to counteract new threats.

OneCare now features wireless network security management to help keep your PC more secure when using a wireless connection. (Some functionality limited to supported wireless routers available only in North America.)

Antivirus regularly scans the files on your computer and looks for virus definitions, or patterns in the code that resemble the patterns used by known viruses. With new kinds of viruses being created all the time, Windows Live OneCare constantly updates its virus definition files to identify the most common problems, delivering frequent updates to diagnose and fix.

Windows Live OneCare's antispyware technology helps protect your computer from spyware programs that secretly monitor your activities or pop-ups that negatively impact your PC security and performance.

Two-way Windows Live OneCare Firewall monitors incoming and outgoing programs

A firewall is software or hardware that acts as a gatekeeper for your PC, letting in connections you trust and keeping out ones you don’t. OneCare's two-way managed firewall automates updates and janitorial tasks for your computer, and also manages firewall policies.

This not only prevents bad things from getting into your system, but also keeps bad programs that might have slipped onto your machine from sending your data out.

The firewall can be configured to manage and monitor up to three computers in your home network, and its settings can be adjusted for specific applications using the OneCare firewall configuration wizard.

Integrated anti-phishing to help protect you from online scams and identity theft

When surfing or shopping on the Web, it's not always easy to know when it's safe to enter your name, password, or credit card number, and when it isn't. Working with the Microsoft Phishing Filter in Windows Internet Explorer 7, Windows Live OneCare helps eliminate the guesswork by monitoring your PC to ensure you have the Microsoft Phishing Filter turned on.

When you land on a suspected phishing Web site, you will be sent a warning and also be prevented from entering sensitive personal information.

Tracks updates for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other Microsoft programs

Tune-up works with Microsoft Update to get your computer the latest updates from Microsoft, checking to verify your installation of Windows XP or Windows Vista is current with the latest software and security updates.

Updates automatically to keep your PC protected

With automatic version and feature upgrades, including real-time antivirus protection, Windows Live OneCare constantly works to keep your PC safe by checking each file on your computer for "virus definitions" – patterns used by known viruses.

OneCare updates its virus definitions whenever new information becomes available, keeping your virus definition files current whenever your PC is connected to the Interent.


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