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Easy and flexible file backups

Backs up your files

You know creating regular backups is important, but you never seem to get the time to burn those CDs and copy your most important files—and with several PCs and laptops it’s even more daunting. All those photos in all different folders. Thousands of songs. Never fear. It’s simple to safeguard it all. OneCare detects new and changed data files on your networked computers and backs them up to the location you choose automatically. Just set it up once, and you're done!

File and photo backup
  • Intelligent and automated backup protects your precious photos, music, and documents
  • Simple and quick centralized backup of data from multiple PCs to a central location
  • Choose backup location: CDs, DVDs, external hard disk, flash or MMC device, USB storage device, or network computer
  • Restore files to any computer running Windows Live OneCare
  • Optional service backs up photos to a highly secure location online with 50GB of storage space (additional subscription required). Learn more about Online Photo Backup Service.
Simple, automated, and easy to use
  • Helps secure information sent and received, utilizes proactive fixes and recommendations from Microsoft, and backs up your files to a centralized location
  • Automated tools help ensure that the PCs in your OneCare Circle operate at peak performance—and stay that way
  • Proactively fixes many issues before they become problems
  • Monitor the health of multiple PCs using the icon in your task bar: Green means healthy, yellow means fair with non-critical actions to review, red means at risk
Free support and help
  • Tech support is just a click or call away to troubleshoot any issues
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