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Secure All Your Computers with Windows Live OneCare Circle of Protection

Create a Circle of Protection for up to three PCs located in your home. With Windows Live OneCare, you can customize the services you need for each of the PCs in your circle. And the best part? You can do it all from one PC.

  • Receive security updates for all of the PCs in your circle and manage them from one central location.
  • Back up important files and folders and restore data for any of the PCs covered by your OneCare subscription.
  • Use the two-way firewall on each of your PCs, even when working from a wireless connection.
  • Share printing capabilities through a central computer and increase PC start times for each computer in your circle.
  • Monitor the security alerts of each PC to maintain a “green” status for all.
Building a circle of protection for your home network means you no longer have to worry if the PCs in your home are healthy. You have OneCare monitoring your circle with proactive fixes so you can do other things. A healthy home network is one click away.

Windows Live OneCare – Simple, Secure, Reliable

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