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Windows Live OneCare Backup and Restore

Data protection is made easy with the flexible Backup and Restore feature in Windows Live OneCare. OneCare reminds you of scheduled file backups, and can back them up automatically to centralized backup or to an external hard disk drive. You can restore files from your backups to your original computer, or any other computer running OneCare.

New Centralized Data Backup

Windows Live OneCare is the only service to offer the new centralized backup feature that allows you to configure and monitor backups for all PCs (up to three) covered by one subscription to a central location—making backup on a home or small business network simple. You determine the frequency of when your backups run and the content that is stored. OneCare takes care of the rest, automatically.

Online Photo Backup

Keep your memories safe from theft or accidental deletion by backing up your digital photos to a secure location online. Available at an additional cost, Windows Live OneCare online backup provides an additional 50 gigabytes of protection to preserve your pictures.

Back up files to external hard disk, CDs, DVDs, and more

Choosing to back up your files to an external hard disk is recommended. As long as your external hard disk drive is connected to your computer, Backup automatically checks to see if you have new or changed files and backs them up for you according to the schedule that you set. Requirements for the external hard disk are:

  • Capacity: 25GB or more
  • Ports: USB or IEEE-1394 (Firewire)
You can also back up your files to writeable CDs or DVDs or to a networked PC. Windows Live OneCare can also back up files to your iPod, USB-enabled storage devices, flash-memory sticks, and many other storage devices. Whichever backup method you choose, Windows Live OneCare reminds you when your files need backing up.

Restore files (even on another computer)

You can restore files that were backed up from any computer running Windows Live OneCare to any other computer running Windows Live OneCare. You can restore all the files that were backed up from the original computer or just the files you choose. With a few exceptions, Windows Live OneCare will automatically try to put the restored files in the same place they were on the original computer.

How Backup works

The first time you run Backup, Windows Live OneCare makes a copy of all the files and folders you choose to protect. This is a full backup. The next time you run Backup, OneCare compares the files on your computer to the files it has already backed up. If a file has not changed since the last backup, OneCare skips it. Instead, it backs up only those files that are new or have changed since the last backup. This incremental backup saves space and time during subsequent backups.
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