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Between a late client meeting, putting dinner on the table, and soccer practice, the last thing I have time to think about is protecting and tuning up our household PCs—or backing up everything on them.

With my fast-paced life, I just don’t have time to wait for my computer to “think”. Windows Live OneCare is always on, automatically helping make sure my PC is at peak performance.

More computers in our house mean more for me to handle, but still only one of me to go around. With one easy step, Windows Live OneCare helps secure, maintain, tune up, and back up all the PCs and laptops in the house!

My life is on my computer! With Windows Live OneCare, all our photos, videos, and data are continuously protected—automatically backed up on-schedule to a single location I specify.

  • Antivirus, antispyware, and firewall
  • Wireless networking security
  • Online identity theft protection
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  • Performance tune-ups
  • Always up-to-date threat protection and system upgrades
  • Protection without sacrificing speed
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  • Simple, automated, and easy to use
  • Manage all your covered PCs from a central hub
  • One-click printer sharing
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  • File and photo backup
  • Simple, automated, and easy to use
  • Free support and help
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