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Windows Live OneCare Features

With its all-in-one protection and maintenance, Windows Live OneCare takes the guesswork out of making sure your PC stays virus-free and works at its best. As a subscriber, you'll get four main areas of service: Protection Plus, Performance Plus, Backup and Restore, and Help and Support.

Key Feature Feature Description Benefits
Protection Plus

Real-time and on-demand antivirus scanner

Automatically scans and cleans files on your PC, including files you receive via MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

Includes an option to scan existing files or folders on your PC instantly by right-clicking them.

Checks the files on your PC for viruses and other malicious programs and blocks access to infected files until you decide what to do with them.

Updates your virus definition files automatically when your computer is connected to the Internet.

Helps keep your PC safe from viruses, worms, and Trojans.

Managed, two-way firewall

Includes ongoing policy updates to its blocked and allow list, requiring minimum intervention on your part.

Helps protect your PC from hackers when you send or receive data over the Internet.

OneCare Advisories

We'll send you notices for any breaking issues related to your PC's security.

Helps keep you informed about new security threats and how to guard against them.

Antispyware integration

Integration of Windows Defender antispyware technology.

Helps protect your PC from spyware and other unwanted software.

Anti-phishing integration

Integration of Microsoft Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer 7.

Helps protect your personal information while surfing or shopping on the Web.

Microsoft Update integration

Scans your PC and provides a tailored selection of updates you can choose to download and install.

Helps ensure that important security updates from Microsoft are installed efficiently and on time.

Performance Plus


Automates a series of tasks, including defragmenting your PC's hard disk.

Scheduled to run uns automatically or as often as you like

Improves and maintains your PC’s performance.

Removal of unnecessary files

Scans your PC and removes temporary and other unnecessary files that slow down your computer. Scheduled to run automatically or as often as you like.

Helps keep your PC running at peak performance.

Backup and Restore

Automated backup

Backs up your files to CD, DVD, or external hard drive and allows you to select files you want to back up by specific categories, such as music, pictures, and video.

Scheduled to run automatically or as often as you like.

Helps protect your important data from loss or corruption as a result of accidental deletion, malicious attacks, or hard-disk failure.

Choice of full or incremental backup

Full backup makes a copy of all your important files and folders. Incremental backup backs up only those files that are new or have changed since your last backup.

Saves you time and gives you greater flexibility when backing up your files.

Restoration of missing files or all files

Option to restore specific files or all files missing from your PC, or mapped to a new PC.

Protects important files and documents, even on another PC running OneCare.

Help and Support

Windows Live OneCare Help Center

Offers e-mail, chat, and phone support.

One-click access to effective help whenever you need it.


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