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Learn about Windows Live OneCare Super Tune-up Fixes

Windows Live OneCare provides a simple and easy to use way to take care of the PCs and devices in your home. This "super tune-up" automatically keeps all of your covered PCs at peak performance, and proactively fixes issues before you experience problems.

As part of the performance plus tune-up feature set, OneCare automatically maintains important security settings while monitoring printer queues and tuning network protocols for security and reliability.

Below are more details describing how Windows Live OneCare diagnoses and corrects common problems, maintains PC settings, and optimizes computer and browser speed:

Fixes common problems
  • Restores ability to print
    1. Clears stuck job in printer queue
    2. Restores broken printer spooling
  • Fixes connectivity problems with applications like MSN messenger
  • Restores ability to view emerging document formats (XPS, WPF) in Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Fixes installation failures caused by incorrect WoW64 key settings
  • Fixes failures for third party printer drivers
  • Fixes incorrect User Account Control settings
Maintains optimal security settings
  • Maintains IE security and privacy settings at recommended levels
  • Maintains Office macro security settings at recommended levels
  • Ensures IE pop-up blocker is on
  • Prevents browser piracy by redirection through the host file
  • Shuts down service for remote Windows registry editing
Optimizes PC performance and browser speed
  • Automates IE cache settings to improve browser speed
  • Removes broken or corrupt items from startup
  • Enables virtual memory settings to improve PC speed (See how to change Vista or XP settings)
  • Cleans up unnecessary temporary files
  • Improves reliability with System Restore


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