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Windows Live OneCare Performance Plus

Performance Plus is a Tune-up service in Windows Live OneCare that includes continuous advanced system-specific tuning which maintains important settings at recommended levels, correctly configures hardware and software, and proactively fixes the most common computer problems. During the Tune-up, OneCare defragments your hard disk and cleans out obsolete files to help improve your computer’s performance.

New performance optimization

The new start-time optimizer helps OneCare subscribers experience better performance by making it easy to identify and disable infrequently used startup applications that may waste valuable system resources. New proactive fixes and recommendations are customized to each user’s machine, automatically correcting issues such as inappropriate security settings, broken startup entries, and cache sizes.

Defragments your hard disk

PCs often save changes to files to the largest continuous space on the hard disk, which can be a different sector of the hard disk than where the rest of the file is stored. Over time, these files become “fragmented,” meaning your computer must search the entire hard disk for all parts of the file each time you use it. Too many fragmented files on the hard disk slow down your PC’s response time, making it a good idea to defragment your hard disk regularly.

Windows Live OneCare Tune-up finds and consolidates any fragmented files and folders on your computer's hard disk so that each file occupies a single connected space on the disk. As a result, your computer will be able to access your files and folders and save new ones more efficiently. Multi-PC management and monitoring allows you to perform these tasks on other computers (as many as three PCs per subscription), helping keep them up-to-date and optimized.

Frees up hard disk space

With an operating system such as Windows, you might not always know what all of the files on your computer are for. Windows sometimes uses files for a specific purpose and then saves them in a folder designated for temporary files, although you may also have some previously installed Windows components that are no longer used but remain on your hard disk.

Windows Live OneCare Tune-up locates and deletes these unneeded files. Since this task involves deleting files from your computer, you must choose to turn this option on once you’ve installed OneCare. Turning on this task helps reduce clutter on your hard disk, creates more free space, and helps improve the performance of your PC.

Scans for viruses and spyware

OneCare Tune up provides virus and spyware scans that check the files on your PC for viruses and other malicious programs, preventing infected files from harming your computer by blocking the file until you decide what to do with it.

Note that this task scans files that are already on your computer. It's different from antivirus and antispyware monitoring, which are ongoing processes that run whenever your computer is turned on, and checks your programs and files for viruses and spyware while you use them.

Checks for backup (and backs up automatically if you use an external hard disk drive or networked computer)

Windows Live OneCare Tune-up checks your files and notifies you when there are new or changed files that need backing up. OneCare now includes centralized data backup, easily backing up every covered PC (up to three) to a single location. If you use an external hard disk drive or locally networked computer for file backups, you can set Tune-up to back up your files for you automatically.


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