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Learn about Windows Live OneCare Multi-PC Management

With the new multi-PC and home network management feature in Windows Live OneCare you can monitor and configure up to three computers with one subscription. This allows a central PC to take such actions as printer sharing and centralized data backup on all machines covered.

Form a Circle of Protection

OneCare's new multi-PC and home network management feature simplifies such tasks as:

Centralized configuration and management
Windows Live OneCare is a pioneer in managing multiple PCs, allowing a central computer to monitor and take action to help restore other covered PCs to a secure "green" state. The OneCare circle of protection also evolves as your home network grows by automatically identifying and helping protect new PCs and other devices as they're added to the network.

Printer sharing
Windows Live OneCare automatically configures all PCs in the user's OneCare circle so that they can easily print from any PC to a supported USB printer attached to any other PC in the same circle. This makes it simple and easy for all computers to use the same printer.

Wireless network security management
Windows Live OneCare wi-fi connection security keeps your PC safe on a wireless connection, and enables users to monitor and take actions on other PCs running OneCare on the same home network. Possible actions include remotely reactivating a firewall or automatic updates on another covered PC, all with a single click.

Centralized data backup
Windows Live OneCare is the only service to offer centralized data backup, making it easy to automatically back up your photos and files from every covered PC to a single location.


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