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What customers are saying about Windows Live OneCare

From casual computer users to technically savvy experts, people are thrilled with the easy, always-on protection of Windows Live OneCare:

  • "It's amazing. I like that it has everything. It's like driving a computer with airbags! I really like not having to worry about it--I'm on the computer all the time, and it's very nice to know that I have that up-to-the-minute protection."
    -Sharon, stained glass artist in South Carolina

  • "OneCare is very easy to operate. It makes it nice not having to hunt for spyware and virus programs and making sure they are up to date and running."
    -Richard, home computer user in Arizona

  • "I have always felt a bit vulnerable with a DSL connection, and now I have the security of always-on protection provided at a reasonable cost. In the past I would rarely back up files--it wasn't something I thought about. Now I will back up my files on a regular basis, as I know I should."
    -Jan, home computer user in Maryland

  • "The idea behind it, having a group of essential tools all working automatically in the background, is simply great."
    -Christopher, network analyst/software engineer in New York

  • "Just to let you know it is 'two thumbs up' for Windows Live OneCare!"
    -Ron, Internet manager for car dealership in Texas

  • "We have been using OneCare for a while--and have removed other similar packages from development computers and replaced them with OneCare. We are very pleased."
    -John, managing director of an Internet company in Kansas

  • "On Windows Live OneCare... all I have to say in one word: 'Awesome.' I've been servicing PCs for over five years and never come across such a complete program. It does everything with just one click of the mouse."
    -Abdullah, PC consultant in New York


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