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Welcome, Windows Live OneCare Beta subscribers

This is the place to learn how to use Windows Live OneCare Beta, update your account, and get help when you need it.

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Find out how to make the most of the protection and maintenance features in Windows Live OneCare Beta in our Getting Started guide.

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Let us know about your experience with Windows Live OneCare Beta. We want to know what you like about it, what you think could be improved, how you use it, as well as any questions or opinions you have about computer maintenance and protection.

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In our Help Center, you can search or browse help topics, frequently asked questions, and more.

Update your Windows Live ID profile information
Need to change your name or e-mail address, or reset your password? You can do all three (and more) at Windows Live Account summary.

Add a PC to your subscription or reinstall Windows Live OneCare Beta
Already a Windows Live OneCare Beta subscriber? Learn how to reinstall Windows Live OneCare Beta on the same computer (or install it on a new computer) here.

You can manage and monitor the status of the other PCs in your OneCare Circle of Protection from a hub computer, and take high-priority actions. You cannot perform low-priority actions, such as remotely installing Microsoft Windows updates, from a hub computer.

Because a hub computer must be connected to the Internet to remain up to date and to monitor the other computers in your OneCare Circle, it is recommended that you only make a computer a hub computer if it is frequently connected to the Internet.

To make a PC your hub computer, follow these steps:
  1. Open OneCare.
  2. Click Manage Your OneCare Circle.
  3. Click Make this PC a hub PC.
  4. Enter the Windows Live ID that you used to install OneCare, and then click Sign in.
To perform a remote action from a hub computer, follow these steps:
  1. Open OneCare.
  2. Click Your OneCare Circle.
  3. Examine the Actions to take notices for the computers that are listed as part of your OneCare Circle. Under the name of the PC that you want to perform an action on, in the Actions to take notice, click the appropriate button.

Renew your subscription

Don't let your subscription run out. You can renew your Windows Live OneCareWindows Live OneCare subscription easily online.

Cancel your subscription

Cancel your Windows Live OneCare subscription by calling a OneCare support specialist. Click here to find your local phone number.
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