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How do I protect my computer?

Windows Live OneCare automatically protects your computer against viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. You can tell whether your system is protected by checking your Windows Live OneCare status bar. As long as the status bar is green, your computer is fine. If your status bar becomes yellow or red, Windows Live OneCare will indicate what the problem or danger is and how to restore your status to green. You can also run a virus scan through Windows Live OneCare at any time to check for infections.

Not currently a Windows Live OneCare subscriber? Learn more about how Windows Live OneCare can protect your computer and personal information.

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Additional support and information

  • In addition to protecting your system with Windows Live OneCare, you can stay safe on the Internet by following some antivirus best practices.
  • You can find additional technical details on this virus on the Microsoft Security site.
  • For technical support or questions about your Windows Live OneCare account, please visit Help and Support.

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